Monday, December 12, 2011

Program Week 8 by: Ramon Martinez and McKena Loomis

Week 7 - Monday - We worked on our posters, we were figuring out the colors that we were going to use on our posters, and some people finished drawing their posters.

Thursday - We presented final drafts to co-workers to gain feedback. We finished all drawings.

Friday - We went to the Art Institute. We finished all of our designs with slogan's on them.

Week 8 - Monday - Each intern will received another performance evaluation from the Lead Artist. We will write thank you cards for our Career Coaches. Complete written marketing assignment and final step of Goal Setting Exercise.

Thursday - Talk about the process, what we like and what we didn't like and what we would do differently next time. Discuss crime/violence with each other, what we learned if we didn't already know, and what can you do in your community about the crime/violence topic that you picked. Create typed Artist Statement.

Friday - We are presenting our final posters to an variety of people including program funders, collaborators and special guest.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Program Week # 7 By : Samantha Gleason

Last week, our team accomplished the following :

1. We came up with groups and combined our ideas to make 3 to 4 poster ideas, which allowed us to work on our communication and collaboration skills.
2. We than sketched out our ideas, which allowed us to work on giving and receiving feedback.
3. We went to Art Institute and started to work on our final drafts of the posters.

This week, our team is going to accomplish the following :

1. We will be adding the finishing touches on our posters, which helps us again on our communication and collaboration skills.
2.We will be coming up with the colors of our posters.
3. We will be finishing our posters on photo shop at the Art Institute.

Personal Feedback :

This program has helped me stay more organized and on track.

Also I thought the job would've been hard to do, but once I got into it and learned what we were making, it was pretty easy after all.