Friday, November 18, 2011

Program Week# 4, by: Ana Rose Rodriguez

LAST WEEK, our team accomplished the following:
1. All of the interns went through their final performance evaluations to discuss our growth, goals, and things we still need to work on.
2.We then reviewed our performance goal worksheets we completed on our first week and completed our feedback exercise worksheets.
3. Then we all continued to work on our sketches for our posters at AI and tried to improve our photoshop skills.

THIS WEEK, our team will accomplish the following:
1. Meet with career coaches and discuss our second topics.
2. The interns will present their sketches to our customer at Safe Messages.
3. Finally we meet at AI again to work more on Photoshop, improving our skills, and learning more things.

PERSONAL FEEDBACK: I love being an intern at Artworks for Milwaukee. Its been a great experience so far and i learn more and more everyday.

                 Intern Rose works with her ManpowerGroup Career Coach Kelly McAvoy

Intern Domonique works with his ManpowerGroup Career Coach Nanji Chandra

Intern Samm works with her ManpowerGroup Career Coach Mali Gupta

Intern Rose sketches out an idea

ArtWorks Interns are so thankful to the Art Institute of Wisconsin for letting them use their state-of-the-art design computer lab. They meet there every Friday to work on their poster designs.

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