Monday, October 31, 2011

Program Week # 2 by: Kenisha M.

Last week our team accomplished the following:
Monday: The ArtWorks Interns met with our career coaches at ManpowerGroup. They kicked it off by throwing us a pizza party, and we played icebreakers to get to know each other. This task helped us with the skill of working together.

Thursday: The team met back at ArtWorks to discuss ideas about how and who to contact when there is crime and violence going on in the neighborhood. We also were given our first feedback about our performance, when Jon reviewed with us our high and low points on the job. This skill helped us with giving and receiving feedback.

Friday: The Interns met at Art Institute, where we learned how to use a new design program called Illustrator which  we will combine with our Photoshop skills.

This week, our team is going to accomplish the following:
Monday: We will meet with our Career Coaches for topic #1, which will allow us to practice professionalism and collaboration.

Thursday: We will share the crime & violence topic that we picked, we will brainstorm ideas/sketches/collages/etc. of design concepts for this topic, and we will share the questions we will create for the leader in our neighborhood. This will help with creativity & innovation skills, and will get us another point of view about crime & violence in our neighborhoods.

Friday: We will meet back at Art Institute to begin our first draft of our graphic posters, and we will have to present our concept and get feedback about it. That will help with the collaboration skills.

I like the program so far. I like the message its trying to send to the teens.
 Kenisha blogging this post!

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