Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 1: Art Institute of Wisconsin & ManpowerGroup Career Coaching

 The Intern Team @ The Art Institute of Wisconsin. From left: Samm G., Ramon M., Vincent L., Rose R., Aaron C., McKenna L., and Kenisha M. (Not pictured: Domonique W.)
 In the design lab at The Art Institute, learning Photoshop

 Lead Artist Jon Brown with C2 Graphics volunteers Toni (left) and Nigeria (right) work together to teach Photoshop to ArtWorks Interns.

 At ManpowerGroup for the Career Coaching Meet & Greet, led by Pam Brown.
 Pairings of ArtWorks Interns and volunteer Career Coaches were unveiled and the teams rearranged themselves to sit together.

 ArtWorks Intern Vincent L and his ManpowerGroup Career Coach Ryan Hellpap.
 Career Coach Nanji Chandra and his Intern Domonique W. 
Career Coaching Program Coordinator Stan Ho looks on.
 Intern Samm G. (finally!) tolerates a photo with her Manpower Career Coach Mali Gupta.
Pam Brown presents "A Brand Called....YOU!" to the team.
"What can employers count on you CONSISTENTLY to be"

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  1. What an exciting start to the program. These are some great photos! Looking forward to seeing everyone at week 8!